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    Supply Chain Operator

    Stock code: 600153.SH

    Client: AOLAN
    Date: 2023-01-16 | Source:C&D
    AOLAN is a Spanish wine château with a history of more than a hundred years. In 2014, AOLAN made its official entry into the Chinese market to share its selected wine with Chinese consumers. Because of the vast amount of stock keeping units (SKU), frequent promotional campaigns and highly combined channels in the consumer industry, consumers have higher demands for product quality, consumer experience, and service capability, which poses a great challenge to AOLAN in terms of "timeliness" and "flexible management" of the supply chain. Since 2014, C&D Happywine has created an innovative operation mode featuring supply chain integration plus joint marketing tailor-made for AOLAN China, moulding a wine supply chain with both “resilience” and “flexibility”.
    Supply Chain Integration: Optimizing the logistic chain of AOLAN products across the board according to the characteristics of international trade; revamping its entry of inbound goods, selecting Shanghai Port as the home port for import on account of their abundant logistic resources and wide coverage, and optimizing its original customs operations and procedures; improving the layout of warehousing resources, integrating the originally scattered warehousing resources into "bonded warehouses" and "general trade warehouses", and allocating goods according to sales demands; achieving a more refined management of over a hundred wine stock keeping units(SKU) through hardware modification and digital system management.
    Marketing: By linking up the digital systems of both sides, C&D Happywine helps AOLAN China grasp supply chain data of different products in real time, optimize the ordering and safe warehousing plan based on the analysis of industrial experiences, and improve the capacity of flexible supply chain management, thus providing strong support for the marketing strategies of AOLAN China. At the procurement end, C&D Happywine makes good use of C&D's premium business reputation and resource integration capabilities, helps AOLAN China deploy wine château resources in China and spread the risk of uncertainty in international trade through diversification; at the sales end, C&D Happywine shares C&D's diverse high-quality industrial resources to help AOLAN China carry out various crossover marketing campaigns to continuously draw more attention to the business.
    The services provided by C&D Happywine has helped AOLAN China address the challenges of cross-border consumable business in international logistics and supply chain resource allocation, effectively protecting the safety, stability, and efficient supply of products. It has also allows AOLAN China to focus on brand operation, and bring “KNOCK KNOCK” wine products into the spotlight as an eye-catching bestseller amid a thriving wine market. Since the all-round cooperation of both sides, the performance of AOLAN China has still doubled despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the good reputation of "KNOCK KNOCK" wine products has greatly increased, becoming the latest wine brand sought out by younger populations.
    Introduction to C&D Happywine
    As a member unit of Consumer Goods Division of C&D Inc. (600153.SH), C&D Happywine is committed to building an wine supply chain service platform integrating wine customization, international logistics control, international trade settlement and supply chain finance, comprehensive distribution and consignment, brand operation and channel investment promotion, etc. At present, C&D Happywine has served more than 350 wine importers, and more than 30 million bottles of various alcoholic beverages are imported and circulated through C&D Happywine annually. In 2021, C&D Happywine was awarded “Top 50 Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions (China)” for its professional wine supply chain service capability.

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