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    Supply Chain Operator

    Stock code: 600153.SH

    Client: APP
    Date: 2020-12-28 | Source:C&D
    APP is a leading enterprise in the global pulp and paper industry. In the market pattern of merging strengths with increasingly fierce competition,they have chosen to open our distribution channel to foster new markets intensively.
    However, there exist many levels of market channels with a complex customer structure in the paper industry. APP needs to cooperate with excellent partners in the industry to enhance the level of fine channel management.
    Based on years of in-depth cooperation experience, C&D Paper & Pulp has gained a deep insight into APP’s demand in the transformation of sales strategy, and upgraded its service model all around. 
    Based on the industry operation data accumulated over the past 20 years, C&D Paper & Pulp analyze such dimensions as operation capability, performance capability, and market competitiveness to build a ‘five-level customer management model’ for APP, tilting resources to downstream customers with good credit, sound development, and greater growth potential, and maximizing value for APP through customized services. 
    C&D Paper & Pulp adopts a hierarchical management and control model to adjust the transaction mode accordingly as per downstream customers’ conditions, helping APP effectively reduce the risk of credit sales and overdue ratio.
    Based on its self-managed warehouses in more than 10 regions nationwide, C&D Paper & Pulp has selected a number of partners with excellent warehousing, slitting, and logistics distribution services from more than 30 cities and regions to exert the networking advantages and provide high-quality logistics services, to exert the networking advantages and provide high-quality logistics services.The solution has help APP improve the order response speed, shorten the delivery cycle, increase the brand loyalty of downstream customers, and achieve stable sales growth.
    With the service of C&D Paper & Pulp, APP has enjoyed the huge value-added potential in the operation of the supply chain: relying on the rich supply chain big data, C&D Paper & Pulp keeps perfecting the customer segmentation mechanism, which helps APP solve the problem of credit assessment of many small and scattered downstream customers, thus, further improving the risk control level; the fine channel management services reduce the sales costs in some areas; also, their efficient and convenient logistics services greatly enhance the satisfaction of downstream customers and contribute to the rising market share of APP’s products.

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