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    Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock Code: 600153.SH

    Stock Code: 600153.SH

    Real Estate Development

    Vision: To become China’s outstanding real-estate operator

    Operating unit: C&D Real Estate Corp., Ltd. and Lianfa Group Co., Ltd.

    Development areas: Real-estate development is in progress in over 70 cities of China at present, forming a preliminary national strategic layout.

    C&D Real Estate Corp., Ltd.

    C&D Inc. holds a 54.65% stake in the company.

    C&D Real Estate holds Level 1 qualifications as a real estate developer and it has ranked among China’s top 50 real estate developers for more than 10 consecutive years.

    C&D Real Estate operates in more than 70 cities across China. It focuses on seven major business sectors: real estate development; property management; urban renewal and renovation; commerce management; construction operations as an agent; project and design services; and related industry investment.

    For many years, C&D Real Estate has been committed to becoming a “Craftsman of New Chinese Lifestyle”, using architecture as a carrier to explore Eastern aesthetics and wisdom. It has proposed the new product proposition of “Understanding the East, Discovering the Great Beauty”, and has refined the exclusive craftsmanship concept of “Confucian Gates, Taoist Gardens, Tang Style, and Chinese Patterns, which has led to the formation of two major new Chinese product systems, namely “Noble Series” and “Elegant Series”, and five different styles of new Chinese products: “Imperial Chinese”, “Zen Chinese”, “Tang Style”, “Song Style” and “Poetic East”.

    Its majority-owned subsidiaries include C&D International (stock code: 01908.HK), C&D Property Management (stock code: 02156.HK), and C&D Holsin Engineering Consulting (stock code: 603909.SH), forming a complete supporting industry chain in real estate development.

    Lianfa Group Co., Ltd.

    C&D Inc. holds a 95% stake in the company.

    Lianfa Group holds Level 1 qualifications as a real estate developer and it has ranked among China’s top 100 real estate developers for 18 consecutive years.

    Lianfa Group has a presence in 28 cities nationwide, focusing on real estate development and delving into property services, agent construction, urban renewal and industry operations. In the real estate development sector, Lianfa has always adhered to a customer-centric approach, targeting the modern humanities track, and has created two major product lines: “Yue” Series and “Jiahe” Series, as well as high-end customized products. Meanwhile, Lianfa has established a full lifecycle service system, creating communities with warmth and a sense of happiness for nearly 500,000 homeowners.

    Lianfa is committed to its mission of “creating quality life and serving city development”, and strives to build a better future with the cities and homeowners in the new era.